The Radiocommunications Agency (RA) has announced a new fee structure for radio microphone licensing due to take effect on 19 July 2001. The changes are part of the introduction of Spectrum Pricing into the Programme Making and Special Events sector (PMSE), which is managed by JFMG.

The aim behind changing the fee structure is to simplify the licensing of ‘UK Shared’ radio microphones. (These are those available for shared use at unspecified locations). This is achieved by setting a flat fee for any number of Shared VHF frequencies and a flat fee for any number of Shared UHF frequencies. A two-year licence is introduced as an alternative to the one-year period. The difference in fee between ‘own-use’ and hiring out is removed and this licence also covers the use of Shared frequencies at Fixed Sites instead of the Fixed Site fees used previously. The RA and JFMG hope that the price reductions will encourage a greater take-up in licences that better reflects the true value of the frequencies to the PMSE industry sector. Other changes have occurred to the premium hours charge and the ‘Local’ area fee category. The fixed charge will change to £55 for a schedule of frequencies (not £50 per frequency). This is a small increase for customers applying for a single frequency, but a dramatic reduction when more than one frequency is needed. The RA has also announced that the ‘Local’ area fee category will be removed.

For full details of the new rates contact JFMG Ltd, London, on +44 (020) 7261 3797.

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