Azhar (AVL Marketing), Piyush (Hi-Tech Audio & Image), Biju (Ragam Pro), Taris (AVL Marketing), and Boney (Ragam Pro)
India - Ragam Pro AVL has become the first rental company in India to have a DiGiCo Quantum 225 in its inventory.
From humble beginnings 50 years ago, Kodaly, Kerala-based Ragam Pro AVL has created a reputation for delivering first class events.
“Recently we have planned to upgrade our audio inventory to meet the growing demands of clients,” says Biju KV, Ragam Pro AVL owner. “Our first thought was to purchase one from DiGiCo’s SD series. But then they introduced the Quantum 338 and 225 to the Indian market via their distributor, Hi-Tech Audio & Image. Azhar Meem from AVL Marketing, Kerala, the dealer partner of Hi-Tech Audio & Image, told us about the powerful Quantum 225 that incorporates all the new design features of the Quantum 338 but in a compact, robust work surface and we knew it would be perfect for us.”
Rajan Gupta, CEO/founder of Hi-Tech Audio & Image, notes that the combination of DiGiCo’s technical excellence and support plays a pivotal role in converting prospects to clients. “DiGiCo has been challenging its limitations while innovating new product ranges,” he says. “From the S and SD Series, and now the Quantum 225, DiGiCo has put a ton of power and versatility into a compact work surface. The Quantum 225 is definitely a rider-friendly solution for Ragam Pro AVL.”
Until now, the Quantum 225 had not been used in Indian live industry. Though Ragam Pro AVL was keen to invest in Quantum 225, they were initially uncertain. Azhar took the initiative to help them in every possible way. “We connected with a few sound engineers from our state, who’d had the chance to work with Quantum 225 console in Europe,” he shares. “Their feedback about it was extremely positive and they were happy with its upgraded features. Hearing this, Biju was confident to invest in the console. Furthermore, the support provided by Rajan Gupta and Nirdosh Aggarwal of Hi-Tech Audio & Image confirmed their choice.”
“We have been associated with Azhar for a decade now. He has been instrumental in Kerala in promoting brands like DiGiCo among his clients,” explains Nirdosh Aggarwal, managing director of Hi-Tech Audio & Image. “The inventory requirements for pro audio brands are extensive and it becomes hard for us to cater to everyone. We have a wide span of trusted dealer partners across India like AVL Marketing who are boosting our sales by supporting our brands. Investing in the Quantum 225 is aligned with Ragam Pro AVL’s future business plan.”
Being the first DiGiCo Quantum 225 in India, hands-on training was immediately planned. DiGiCo application engineer, Piyush Joshi, shares: “The Quantum 225 is the best-packaged beast in the industry, with such efficient technology. Features like Nodal Processing, Spice Rack, True Solo, and DMI slots for protocol integration, have redefined the digital audio console’s capabilities.”

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