The Netherlands - Barco reports that one of its customers, the Dutch Railway Museum, will soon receive a prestigious Thea Award. Presented by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), this 'Oscar for the entertainment industry', as the award is sometimes called, recognizes compelling educational, historical and entertainment projects. TEA honoured the Dutch Railway Museum for the Fire Test, an exciting new audiovisual storytelling experience. 18 Barco projectors help create the immersive visuals that are bound to wow young and old.

The Fire Test is more than a visitor attraction. It is a truly immersive, audiovisual experience that takes young and old on a unique, storytelling trip. Visitors embark on an interactive adventure through two centuries of railway history, narrated by Dutch-born actor Rutger Hauer and interlaced with razor-sharp visuals.

Nine single-chip DLP F22 WUXGA projectors from Barco's projectiondesign range were installed to bring the Railway's story to life and fully immerse the visitors in the journey. They are combined with WB1920 high-end warp and blend processors, which provide excellent blend and warp functionality, with virtually zero latency.

"We needed a solution that would ensure the bright, crisp, high-contrast display of the images. It had to be reliable too, as the projectors operate six days a week, ten hours a day," said museum director Paul van Vlijmen. "Moreover, the projectors had to be compact, as the space in the museum was limited. The current set-up meets all our expectations."

The TEA Committee recognized the Fire Test in the category '4D Simulator Limited Budget', on account of its outstanding design and detailed implementation. Museum director Paul van Vlijmen is clearly delighted: "I feel an overwhelming sense of pride. This is an international recognition for attractions that seamlessly combine information and entertainment."

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) is an international organization that unites the world's leading creators, developers, designers and producers of entertainment. Its annual Thea Awards underline the value of 'visitor experience' design and themed entertainment approaches to engaging people worldwide. The award will be presented to the Dutch Barco customer in the oldest Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California (US), on 5 April next.

(Jim Evans)

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