The V10 from RCF's V-MAX Series
Italy - RCF has introduced two new members to its V-Max family - V6 and V10 high-power two-way bass reflex full range systems. The V-MAX Series represents "a no-compromise compact design and construction, offering a very natural sound in recorded music and live situations," says RCF.

All V-MAX Series cabinets are in birch, heavy duty coated with weather resistant polyurea paint. Free from spurious vibrations, they offer a reinforced construction at the highest levels in the professional market.

"The V10 mid bass transducer is designed to provide an excellent frequency response linearity with very low distortion. A very strong magnetic structure guarantees dynamics and precision, whereas a new and unique 2.5" voice coil design provides a very high power handling."

The V6 is the smallest member of the V-MAX family and is a flexible and powerful tool in its class.

"An extremely careful acoustic design, the highest quality transducers, and powerful amplifier make this system the perfect solution from the small sound reinforcement to playback and monitoring, from corporate events to DJs and club distributed systems," says RCF.

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