The Human League back on the road again
UK - Really Creative Media's VJing skills were put to the test when worked alongside lighting designer Rob Sinclair to design all the animated content for and produce the live shows on The Human League UK Tour.

The stunning stage set, designed by Sinclair, was built with video integration in mind to bring the electro beats and vibe to life through the accompanying visuals for the audience. It included three cascading arches of 12mm video screen, the largest being 48ft wide with 25ft legs down to the stage floor. These surrounded the central upstage screen which was 24ft x 8ft of 6mm.

In the smaller tour venue, this was reduced to just the central display and one arch. Our creative team of animators had to keep this in mind during the design process, to ensure that the more intimate venues had the same show experience as the larger ones.

Nick Dew, managing director at Really Creative Media explained: "The band really wanted a live element to the content, so we also made a number of creative building block loops for our VJ James Adkins to use within his set at each performance. James used two Resolume Arena HD Media Servers, Novation Launchpad XL and Launchpad S MIDI controllers to bring the effects to life, as Resolume allows you to easily manage the real time integration and manipulation of video in time with the music. Coupling the Resolume Servers with the Novation Launchpad MIDI interfaces resulted in a plethora of carefully curated buttons for optimum control of the live content."

(Jim Evans)

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