Richard Cuthbert - associate role at PTB
UK - Richard Cuthbert has assumed an associate role working solely with specialist installation contractor and systems integrator, Push The Button, bringing with him three decades of experience in lighting and engineering within the entertainment industry.
Cuthbert comments: “I am keen to focus on what I enjoy doing the most, delivering innovative solutions and immediately thought of Push The Button. I worked with Nick (Ewins, Push The Button managing director) when I was starting out in the industry, and I have the utmost respect for his client-focused approach. I’m really looking forward to making an impact at PTB.”
Nick Ewins comments: “I first met Richard as a trainee engineer, and he later became a key member of my team for many years before we both went our separate ways. He has made a tremendous contribution to the industry both in terms of designing award winning products and complex systems and I am delighted that he will be assisting us. Richard shares my passion for theatrical projects and marine projects and I’m really looking forward to working with him again.”

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