Rigging Team managing director Adam Searle in the company warehouse
UK - Rigging Team is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the delivery of specialist rigging and technical training services to the entertainment production industry.
Over the past decade, the company has enjoyed steady growth to become recognised a respected provider of rigging equipment and support services. Working across the full spectrum of entertainment production, including theatre, TV, film and live events, Rigging Team has built a reputation for creating “safe, bespoke solutions to projects which others may consider impossible”.
Commenting on the milestone, Rigging Team managing director Adam Searle comments: “We are immensely proud of our achievements over the last ten years. From humble beginnings, we have created a significant resource which supports productions of all size and genre, all around the world.”
Formed in December 2010 as Adam Searle Ltd, the company originally operated from what Searle describes as “a 35sq.ft cupboard”. In 2013, it rebranded as Rigging Team and has since grown to a 10-strong full-time workforce, occupying a 15,000 sq.ft custom warehouse facility.
Having relocated to a new premises during 2020, Rigging Team is currently busy modifying the space to incorporate a 2,500sq.ft dedicated training facility complete with classrooms and a multi-level structure for practical courses in rigging, work at height/rescue and rope access.
Along with the delivery of rigging and automation solutions, the company maintains a particular focus on safety and the provision of industry specific training. Senior staff members also sit on committees for NRAG (National Rigging Advisory Group) and LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Asociation) representing the company, clients, colleagues and competitors at a national level for the advancement of the wider industry.
Searle continues: “We are always keen to help maintain and develop new standards and working practices, particularly in what can be a challenging environment. To be able to use our experience to advise, assist and give something back to our industry is immensely rewarding.”
As part of the anniversary celebrations Rigging Team has undertaken a recent brand refresh. This has included an update of the company logo using ‘real’ crew in the design. “The inclusion of ‘real people’ in our logo is a direct nod to the support of the wonderful crews we have worked with over the years,” says Searle. “To create our logo, we photographed members of our freelance team and silhouetted them, and we have a few more silhouettes to add in the coming months - see if you can guess who they are?”
Rigging Team is looking to the next phase in the evolution of the company, with more investment planned throughout the business and continued support for the wider industry. “We are all extremely proud to have achieved this anniversary,” concludes Searle. “Although Rigging Team has changed in size and stature, our business ethos remains the same - we have always strived to be the best, not the biggest - and that that still stands! I would like to thank all those friends, colleagues and clients who have supported us and helped make Rigging Team what it is today. We have some exciting plans for the future and are looking forward to the next 10 years.”

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