ABTT 2019: Doughty double Boom Arm debut
Tuesday, 28 May 2019
scaff-boom-arm-newThe Scaff Boom Arm will make its first ABTT outing
UK - Doughty Engineering is set to bring its two latest Boom Arms to this year's ABTT. The Heavy Duty Boom Arm and the Scaff Boom Arm will make their first ABTT outing, following a successful launch earlier this year.
Mark Chorley, design engineer at Doughty, says: "Both our Scaff Boom Arm and Heavy Duty Boom arm have got people talking since we launched them this spring. The Scaff Boom Arm has been designed in response to customer demand - we see it as a 'get out of jail item' which will allow a rigger to fashion their own boom arm out of materials they have to hand and simply cut it down to size. It will take 48mm aluminium barrel or scaff tube and from feedback we've received so far, we're told it's a perfect addition to any tool kit."
While Doughty is unable to quote a safe working load for the product, each piece of kit comes with a loading chart which is also available in Doughty's Little Blue Book catalogue and on the company's website.
"We have to make sure that all bases are covered. We cannot predict how the product will be used, we have tested several different tubes of different sizes and suggested a SWL. Of course if our customers have any questions they can get in touch at any time. The Doughty team will be on hand for the duration of ABTT to handle any queries and we would encourage our existing and potential new customers to come and see the new members of the Boom Arm family and give us their feedback," adds Mark.
The Heavy Duty Boom Arm is capable of taking the weight of a moving light, offering riggers an attractive solution without the need for a brace. Until the recent launch of this piece of kit, the Braced Boom arm was the only option for anyone wanting to hang a moving light.
Dan Phillips, project sales co-ordinator, Doughty explains: "Of course the Braced Boom Arm is still the right choice for anyone needing a safe working load of up to 100kg. The Heavy Duty Boom Arm's SWL is 50kg which is more than sufficient in the majority of situations and ultimately is more aesthetically pleasing."
Doughty's new Fifty Clamps will also feature on the stand this year. The Fifty Clamp has TUV approval, a SWL of 50kg and has been designed to fit tube diameter 38mm - 51mm. It is made from pressure die cast aluminium which prevents damage to thin wall truss. The stepped base is designed to captivate with M10 or M12 bolts and comes supplied with an M10 fixing kit.
Phillips says: "Since we launched this back in March, we've been inundated with feedback telling us that it's a bit of a game changer. Our customers are really going to benefit from the extra 30kg. The Fifty Clamp is now ready to ship and we will look forward to gathering more feedback as the product is used on various projects."
The Doughty stand will also feature the company's popular clamps, pantographs and Pole Operated Yokes.
Julian Chiverton, sales director at Doughty concludes: "We say it every year, but ABTT really is a special show - putting us in front of a very specific audience. While we see our products in use everywhere from TV and film, to photographic studios, museums and conference centres, theatre is where we originated and is still at the very heart of everything we do."
(Jim Evans)

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