ADJ debuts Vizi moving head wash
Wednesday, 30 October 2019
adjThe new Vizi Wash Z37 is available now from ADJ subsidiaries, distributors and dealers worldwide
USA - ADJ is expanding its range of professional moving head luminaires with the launch of the Vizi Wash Z37. This LED wash fixture is described as a versatile lighting tool designed for professional touring and one-off event production as well as for permanent installation in large nightclubs, concert venues and houses of worship.
The Vizi Wash Z37 features variable motorized zoom, allowing for a beam angle of between 10° and 60°. This wide zoom range means that the same fixture can be used to saturate large areas of a stage or crowd with vibrant colour washes as well as spotlight specific performers or features. Set to its narrowest beam angle, the fixture can also be used to create strikingly sharp mid-air beams, with the ability to add further impact using the unit’s variable speed strobe and pulse effects (1 to 40Hz).
Harnessing the power of 37 separate 20W 4-in-1 RGBW (red, green, blue and white) Osram LEDs, the Vizi Wash Z37 generates an output measuring 15,000 lux @ 4M when the beam angle is set to 10°, and 1,100 lux with the beam angle zoomed out to 60°. Each LED offers an average lifespan of 20,000 hours of operation. The LEDs are also positioned behind a precision-engineered lens array, which generates a uniform wash.
The unit’s 37 LEDs are arranged into four concentric circles. The outer of these rings is split into four separate sections, while the middle two rings are each split into two sections. This makes for a total of nine independently controllable zones, which allows for the creation of split colours as well as animated ‘eye candy’ effects.
ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales, comments: “Joining our Vizi Wash range as the new flagship, the Z37 model is an extremely powerful fixture. It offers a winning combination of vibrant colours, versatile features and nimble movement that are sure to make it a favourite of lighting designers working on a wide variety of projects. As with all of ADJ’s professional lighting fixtures, it has been carefully designed and developed, using premium-quality components, to ensure a high level of reliability.
“This is backed up by ADJ’s strong commitment to customer service and support, provided through our well trained and experienced service teams both here in the US and at our European facility. If you are a lighting professional looking for a powerful and flexible wash fixture, either for a specific project or to add to your hire stock, I’m confident that you’ll be impressed by what the Vizi Wash Z37 has to offer.”
ADJ’s Vizi Wash series also includes the Z19 model, which was released earlier this year. Offering the same feature set, this version is fitted with 19 20W 4-in-1 RGBW Osram LEDs packed into a compact moving head that is suitable for applications where space is limited but a potent and flexible wash fixture is required. By pairing the Z19 and Z37 units, designers can achieve uniform colour mixing as well as a coherent aesthetic, since the two fixtures share the same casing design.
(Jim Evans)

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