Austrian Audio OC818 now available in black
Friday, 4 March 2022
austrianThe OC818 comes with an entire suite of software
Europe - Austrian Audio has announced that the OC818 professional, large diaphragm microphone, will now also be available in black. The new colour meets the demands of broadcasting, podcasting, live performance, and streaming, says the Vienna-based manufacturer The black OC818 is designed for situations where the mic needs to blend in and leave the focus on the performance.
Engineered and manufactured in Austria, the OC818 is equally at home with studio, broadcast and live applications. As the ceramic capsule design is so consistent, any OC818 is match-paired with any other OC818, and when in cardioid mode, it can also be match-paired with any OC18, its affordable smaller brother.
The OC818 has proven itself as a studio and stage allrounder and has been endorsed by engineers like Obie O'Brien, Michael Abbott, Dave Natale, Jim Ebdon, Colin Norfield, Adrian Hall, and others.
The black OC818 comes with an entire suite of software, making the OC818 more of a recording system than just a mere microphone.

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