Let’s go bowling in Kerkrade
The Netherlands - After suffering fire damage last year, Bowlo Bowling & Lounge in Kerkrade has shifted gears and taken its customer experience to a new level. In a major renovation they have transformed the bowling alley and surrounding facilities into a modern leisure area with ‘a breathtaking level of style and ambience’, using products from Showtec, Infinity, DAP and Showgear.
The recent makeover by Parkstad Support has fashioned a chic and modern atmosphere, inviting guests to indulge in a game of bowling or pool, or simply to enjoy a drink and a chat.
To enhance the ambience of the bowling lanes, 14 colourful Showtec LED Light Bar 12 Pixel are mounted in the ceiling, all controlled by an Infinity Chimp 100.G2 Tourpack DMX console, a Chimp Dongle for OnPC and three Showtec TR-512 Pocket DMX Triggers/Recorders. Various accessories such as DAP DMX and power cables, Showtec DMX Mergers, Showtec Booster Pros and Showgear Powersplitters complete the product list.
To provide sound at the seating tables, the front of the bowling alley, the pool table area and the entrance, 13 DAP Xi-10 loudspeakers, four DAP Xi-6 loudspeakers, two CA-4500 DSP amplifiers, a DAP Compact 9.2 9-channel 1U dual zone installation mixer and accessories such as DAP hanging brackets for Xi-6 and Xi-10 and DAP speaker and microphone cables were installed throughout the venue to provide crystal clear sound. Finally, 30 Showgear PLB-3260A TV wall mounts were used to hang the TVs around the venue.

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