Brzeg Cultural Centre installs Prolights
Monday, 5 October 2020
brzegThe centre is now fully equipped with Prolights products
Poland - Brzeg Cultural Centre is a local institution which offers a number of artistic and interdisciplinary activities, such as dance, theatre, music and sculpture classes, as well as a lot of cultural events. At the end of August 2020, it was fully equipped with a spread of Prolights products.
Kuba Czarnik, production manager for Show Design, Prolights distributor for Poland said: “Brzeg Cultural Centre is, like any other community centre, very important for the district, where it is located. It is here, where social awareness and sensitivity to art and culture are built. We are glad that we were able to help in the development of this institution with Prolights.
“So, we decided to make use of a lot of Prolights solutions to light up the hall. In particular, we installed eight Luma 1500SH with animation module as front lights and above the stage, four Diamond 19 and two Diamond 37 as wash lights plus optional beam and pixel effect when needed; 10x EclProfile FC as coloured front lights; eight Ecl HD2TU as white front lights; 12x EclFresnel TW in the stage area and on mounted on trusses above the audience; six EclFresnel TU as white fresnel lights; 12x Pixie Zoom mounted on side trusses to decrease shadows as well as to provide additional possibilities; 10x LumiPar 12HPro as wash lights.
“The request from the client was to create a versatile rig able to be used as a standard theatre stage as well as a concert stage. We focused on finding a balance between these two requirements and now the stage is really useful in any situation.
We selected Prolights fixtures because they're extremely powerful, brightly coloured and fully accessorized. The ease of use and the complete absence of issues during the installation made us really satisfied, as well as the client.”

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