Chauvet DJ joins Six Feet Apart parties
Wednesday, 29 April 2020
brentschmidt1Brent Schmidt’s streams emanate from his home studio
USA - Like many DJs, Brent Schmidt who has been side-lined by the Covid-19 lockdown, has taken to streaming performances every week, partly to stay busy, partly to reach out to friends and fans in his community. In the process, thanks in part to their attractive visuals, his livestreamed shows have actually resulted in new business.
Sporting catchy titles like the Six Feet Apart Party, Schmidt’s streams emanate from his home studio. From a production standpoint, this ‘venue’ is a far cry from the rooms that he has worked while lighting major conferences like SkySprout, or touring with celebrated TV magician Rick Smith Jr.
Still, Schmidt strives to give these online shows at least a basic level of production looks.
“I love doing these streams, and I think it’s great that other DJ are going on line to do this kind of thing,” he said. “In my view, these streamed shows help take everyone’s mind off what’s happening in the world today.
“However, I think it’s important not to go out there with just a plain lighting setup, or worse,” continued Schmidt. “You have to remember, every show you stream is a reflection on your services, so it makes sense to create a good impression. You never know who is watching!”
Using two camera positions in his livestreamed shows to create more variation, Schmidt delivers visually engaging presentation with multiple colours, overlapping layers of light, and deep texture. Helping him accomplish this in his improvised studio is a collection of Chauvet DJ fixtures from the inventory of his own company B Productions LLC.
Anchoring his livestream rig are seven Freedom H1 RGBAW-UV battery powered wash lights that he controls remotely via the in-built D-Fi transceiver. Using two of the fixtures as front light, three as back lights and two as side lights, he is able to immerse the performance area in colour, while maintaining good key lighting.
Adding an element of eye candy to the productions are the Freedom Q1N pin spot, COLORband T3 USB, and COLOR Band T3 USB Bar fixtures in the rig. The linear lights provide a geometric structure that enhance the viewing experience for those watching the livestream on smaller screens.
Since the Freedom fixtures in his rig are battery powered, the demand on Schmidt’s own electrical service a minimized. Also, because all the units have D-Fi, he is able to control them wirelessly while working the turntables for his shows, which are livestreamed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitch.TV.
“I treat this as if it’s a show I’m being paid to do,” said Schmidt. “It’s been a whole lot of fun. I take request and just really enjoy bringing entertainment into peoples’ homes. I did this to reach out to my community and to stay busy, not for any really practical reason, but I have booked events for next year, directly because of my livestreams.”
(Jim Evans)

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