The multifunctional facility provides a cultural space for a variety of events
Czech Republic - Named after Uffo Horn, an important native of Trutnov who greatly influenced the culture and politics in the region in 19th century, the Social and Cultural Centre of the Trutnov region has been serving the community since the end of 2010. This multifunctional facility provides a cultural space for a variety of events including theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions, conventions and balls.
One of the centre's standout offerings is the vibrant and diverse programme of international festival, Cirk-UFF, which takes place at the turn of May and June each year. Given the diverse range of performances hosted at the venue, it was essential to maintain a flexible layout and adhere to touring standards to ensure seamless transitions between events. DiGiCo's Czech distributor, Pro Music, supplied and installed the specialist audio setup, which includes SD12 and SD9 consoles, as well as the ‘invisible heart’ of the system, the 4REA4 engine.
“With such a wide range of performances, from dramatic theatre shows, with elevated seating to flat-floor rock concerts, the SD12's compact size, impressive power, and flexibility make it the ideal console for the venue," says Petr Šťásek, audio and IT specialist at Pro Music. The console's DMI slots allow for connectivity with a wide range of formats, making it a versatile choice for live post or FOH positions.”
The SD12 is connected via Dante to both the stage boxes and 4REA4 engine. “To ensure seamless connectivity of all audio and control signals from the various systems, including Desk Link with the L-Acoustics L-ISA Controller for the L-Acoustics L-ISA PA system, a fixed Ethernet network with connection points throughout the venue is utilised,” he adds.
The 4REA4 engine is at the heart of the audio setup, and serves as the central matrix that manages the connectivity between Dante and MADI-connected consoles, as well as AES/EBU connected amplifiers and MADI-connected L-ISA Processors. The 4REA4 tie-lines enable the SD9 console, normally used on monitors, and an S31 in a control room, to utilise four A168D stage boxes as well as a couple of D-Racks spread around the venue, including gain control on monitors.
"We have had the privilege of welcoming many guest engineers to the theatre, and their feedback on the DiGiCo SD12 console has been nothing short of outstanding," adds Radek Ježek, technical director of the venue. "The Desk Link feature is especially noteworthy, as it enables external control of the L-ISA Controller directly from the console, resulting in a seamless, natural, and intuitive use of the L-ISA system.
“The 4REA4 engine, on the other hand, acts as the central matrix and enables full integration and format conversion between MADI, Dante, and AES/EBU protocols. Overall, everyone is thrilled with the setup, and now the audience can fully immerse themselves in the live shows with the multichannel sound experience provided by UFFO’s cutting-edge audio system."

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