DWR maintains online learning opportunities
Monday, 30 March 2020
dwr-lockdownThe DWR family
South Africa - With the country in lockdown due to coronavirus, DWR Distribution’s staff remain available during office hours, while the company is offering a range of online learning opportunities.
“We have entered into completely uncharted territory as individuals as a country and as citizens of a global community,” says the latest update from DWR.
“The South African government has taken up the call to become a part the most ambitious and courageous global effort to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus that is causing Covid-19, placing the lives of its citizens before commerce and profit. We at DWR Distribution stand behind our government and our world leaders and pledge our support to stem the threat posed Covid-19 by staying at home.
“However, staying in our homes does not mean that we have closed our doors. We have simply installed a virtual door to our offices in the homes of the DWR team for the next 21 days. Our sales staff are available during regular office hours should you have any questions, ideas or would simply like to chat.
“We have a bumper-packed range of online learning opportunities available through our various suppliers. We hope that you make use of this opportunity to explore new skills or brush up on some old ones. Please visit our Facebook page or email Jannie at Jannie@dwrdistribution.co.za to find out more.
“It is a time of terrible uncertainty and fear for everyone. We are afraid for our lives, for the lives of our loved ones, and for our livelihoods. While this lockdown is a terrifying prospect, we have an unprecedented chance to stand still for a few moments to reflect, to cherish our loved ones and to brace ourselves for a brand new future. All things come to an end - and so will this terrible pandemic. Take comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. As a nation, we have overcome incredible adversity in the past, and we have everything that it takes to overcome this.
While every aspect of our lives is about to change forever, one thing remains true - DWR Distribution is all about the people, and we are here for you every step of the way.”

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