Eurotruss Group launches NEXT Truss
Tuesday, 4 February 2020
nextNEXT Truss products are built by certified welders in its European manufacturing plant
Europe - The Eurotruss Group has launched NEXT Truss, a new company that will operate under the group’s umbrella.
NEXT Truss already offers a variety of truss systems and decks. In addition to the 30 and 40 multi-purpose truss systems, there are rectangular 36cm and 100cm heavy/ pre-rig trusses, plus a 52cm square truss. Also available are ground support towers and Stage Deck series with accessories.
Ralph Stockley, who leads the new operation, comments: “NEXT Truss allows entertainment industry professionals to have access to purchase truss the way, they want it. I am 100% sure immediate availability and a market-compliant price will ensure that the entertainment industry will benefit from our arrival. The professionalism, high quality standard and dynamic customer approach as known within the Eurotruss Group will be carried throughout NEXT and gives it the foundation to become a leading brand in the world.”
Wilfred Hovinga, sales director at NEXT Truss, comments: " I am glad to join NEXT Truss to reinstate my old network and offer them my 15 years of experience in the industry and my expertise in trussing and staging.”
“We are certain that NEXT Truss is the solution for a large part of the entertainment industry. Well-produced products, competitive pricing, an experienced and trusted staff, short delivery times, and good industry relationships are the most important characteristics of NEXT Truss. We are very pleased with this new addition to the Eurotruss Group," states the CEO of the Eurotruss Group Martin Kuyper.
(Jim Evans)

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