Genelec Aural ID plug-in now available
Wednesday, 26 January 2022
auralidpr1600x400pxThe plug-in version is aimed at audio professionals
Finland - Genelec has made its Aural ID software technology available in an easy-to-use DAW plug-in format.
Using simple video footage supplied by the user via the free Aural ID Creator mobile app, Genelec will then analyse the way the user’s head, external ear and upper body affect and colour the audio arriving from all directions. This effect is unique to every individual and is called the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF). Aural ID’s cloud-based calculation engine then models the user’s own head and upper torso features to calculate their personal HRTF, and this information enables precise rendering of audio in any direction within the Aural ID plug-in, which is available in VST, AAX and AU formats for easy integration into any DAW.
Aimed primarily at audio professionals working in music, film, broadcast, game audio design and academic research, Aural ID is unique in its ability to offer a comprehensive and personalised headphone experience unlike those relying on generic HRTFs, says Genelec.
New to the plug-in version of Aural ID is the ability to compensate for the sound colouration that any headphones will introduce. There are two modes for achieving this, the first and most accurate being a corrective EQ individually tailored for a library of specific headphone models within the plug-in, while a second mode offers a more generalised response that supports any professional headphone model.
The Aural ID plug-in is available directly from the Genelec Cloud platform via a cloud-based subscription service, giving continuous access to the latest updates, future Aural ID features and immediate help desk access. Pricing options for both individuals and corporate/educational group licences are available.
Commenting on the plug-in launch, Genelec managing director Siamäk Naghian explains: “While we firmly believe that in-room loudspeaker monitoring is unrivalled during the recording and mixing process, high quality headphones play an important role as a supplementary monitoring tool. Aural ID empowers headphone users by giving them the confidence to switch between monitors and headphones freely, delivering mixes that translate consistently to the outside world.
“We’re also proud that Aural ID technology achieves this in a totally sustainable way, requiring no hardware changes or using otherwise precious natural resources. We feel sure that audio professionals will warmly embrace the new features, usability and flexible purchasing models that the Aural ID plug-in now offers.”

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