Industry organisations launch roadie benefit initiative
Friday, 20 March 2020
USA - A group of leading live event industry organisations has joined together to create a GoFundMe campaign to raise $250,000 in donations to provide relief to eligible freelance professionals affected by the coronavirus pandemic due to event cancellations.
The campaign is initially being sponsored by Alive Risk, Clair Global, the Event Safety Alliance, Griffin360, Merch Roadie, Show Makers Symposium and Take1 Insurance, with other companies expected to join the cause. The goal of the campaign is to reach out to entertainment industry businesses and live entertainment fans worldwide to raise $250,000 in direct contributions to the Roadie Relief GoFundMe campaign that will then be distributed to eligible freelance professionals through MusiCares. Information about the Roadie Rescue Campaign, who it benefits and how to apply can be found at
“Everyone needs to join together to help the people in their industry most impacted economically by the novel coronavirus, and in the live event industry that group is the tens of thousands of tireless and dedicated independent contractors, the roadies, who bring every live event to life,” says Take1 Insurance executive vice president Scott Carroll said today. “The live event industry can provide this relief quickly and most efficiently by working with MusiCares, which has been providing assistance to music people in need since 1991.”
According to Event Safety Alliance president Jim Digby: “The Roadie Rescue Campaign is born from the imminent need to help provide assistance to those whose employment has unexpectedly been cut short. The fund calls on one-time or recurring donations from anyone who appreciates the hard-working humans behind the scenes and the products they deliver to bring music and entertainment to life.
“These behind-the-scenes artisans work in the shadows of the stage, beyond the reach of the lights. They are, more often than not, independent contractors who live show to show, lacking the usual financial security other professions provide during state-of-emergency scenarios such as the one our global community faces now.”
Digby added: “Without the hard work of these unsung, often overlooked professionals, today’s extravaganzas would not be possible, performances sometimes dull and artists alone in the dark. Ultimately, we are all one family and as such we need to take whatever measures are available to us to make it through this unique time.”
(Jim Evans)

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