JBL VTX powers Brandi Carlile at MSG
Friday, 18 October 2019
brandiThe Madison Square Garden set
USA - Front of House Engineer Sean Quackenbush and Maryland Sound International recently deployed JBL VTX A Series Line Array Loudspeakers at Brandi Carlile’s Madison Square Garden performance.
“The coverage is the most important thing, so everybody is getting the exact same show that I'm hearing at the mix position,” said Quackenbush. “We wanted to make sure there was coverage from the front row to the top row of the arena, and have the tonality stay the same from front to back. With some manufacturer’s boxes, they throw a long way but the actual sound of the mix drastically changes, whereas with this system, the sound was the same from Row 1 of the floor to Row Z of the balcony upstairs.”
For the performance at MSG, Quackenbush and MSI deployed a JBL audio system including 64 VTX A12 loudspeakers, 12 VTX S28 subwoofers, 12 VTX G28 subwoofers, an array of VTX A8 and F35/64 loudspeakers as front-fills, and almost 100 Crown I-Tech 12000HD and 4x3500HD amplifiers. By utilising both ground and flown subs, the team was able to deliver consistent low-end information from the ground floor to the upper tiers or the balcony.
“The Garden is a really tall building seating-wise, so the vertical coverage we needed to achieve is what drove how many boxes we used,” said Robert Jones, account manager at MSI. “Line-arrays tend to be narrower, that's kind of their function. You make up the vertical coverage by adding more boxes. The only real challenge was figuring out how much horizontal coverage we needed going around the sides. We ended up using two of the A12-W’s at the bottom of the main arrays, so the last two boxes are actually the wides, which are 120 degrees horizontal.”
The system was powered using Crown I-Tech amplifiers, which feature onboard DSP for fine-tuning system performance.
(Jim Evans)

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