L-Acoustics extends installation range
Tuesday, 10 May 2022
lal-isaprocessoriiThe L-ISA Processor II
France – In a live and streamed event for partners and press at the Philharmonie de Paris focusing on the growing, strategic installation market, L-Acoustics extended its existing range of integration-specific products with three newly announced solutions.
Encouraging users to “amplify differently,” the new LA7.16i amplified controller surmounts the limitations of current high power amplifier configurations used in most installation projects. Unique in the market, LA7.16i offers an unprecedented 16x16 architecture in a 2U chassis with seamless Milan-AVB redundancy. Each of the 16 output channels delivers up to 1300 watts at 8 ohms or 1100 watts at 4 ohms. LA7.16i will be at ISE Booth #7Q400, in Hall 7 and Infocomm Booth W3011, and ships in Q3 2022.
Soka and the SB6i subwoofer join recent loudspeakers like Syva, X4i, and the SB10i subwoofer to offer exciting new creative possibilities for sound designers, interior designers, and architects to shape sound and space to their needs. Soka and SB6i will be at ISE Booth #7Q400, Hall 7, and Infocomm Booth W3011 and will ship in Q1 2023 and Q3 2022.
The L-ISA Ambiance virtual acoustics enhancement system uses L-Acoustics loudspeaker systems, microphones, and an advanced 3D Room Engine powered by the L-ISA Processor II. Ambiance empowers acousticians, theatre and audio-visual consultants, composers, and sound designers to transform the acoustic properties and qualities of a venue space to match the desired atmosphere. L-ISA Ambiance will be demonstrated at Infocomm in Demo Room W209. A beta version is currently being used by a select number of pilot projects. The public version will be available in Q1 2023.

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