LDI 2018: Kinesys highlights Apex hoist system
Monday, 15 October 2018
kinesys-at-ldi-apexThe Apex range includes both 500kg and 1250kg hoists
USA - Following a very successful LDI last year and substantial growth in its American market, Kinesys returns to LDI to meet industry influencers, decision makers and movers & shakers - creative and technical - who will visit over the three days.
Kinesys will be highlighting its innovative new Apex hoist system, as well as its industry standard Elevation 1+ system and will be getting interactive on the stand, where visitors can control both Apex and Kinesys converted CM Lodestar hoists running with Elevation 1+, side by side. This is designed to provide a real hands-on and tactile experience, so people can appreciate what the two different systems can offer in terms of performance and smoothness of operation. It will also provide an authentic comparison between these two versatile platforms of chain hoist control.
Attendees can also check out the Kinesys’ DigiHoist fixed speed chain motor controllers and the LibraCELL / Libra NODE load monitoring system, an invaluable tool for any rigging scenario to ensure that loads – static and dynamic – are constantly and accurately monitored in real-time.
Both Vector and K2 control options will be demonstrated, as well as a few little surprises.
Apex incorporates the best of Kinesys’ extensive knowledge and practical experience of working with variable speed chain hoist technology … to create a range of safe, reliable and rock-solid hoists and controllers - designed to maximize creativity for show, stage and environment designers and operators in all entertainment sectors.
Central to the Apex system is a versatile hoist controller and two chain hoist options, all specified and built to Kinesys’ exact specifications.
The Apex range includes both 500kg and 1250kg hoists with maximum speeds of 30m/min and 12m/min respectively along with true zero-speed capabilities.
The Apex hoists feature integral SIL3 loadcells, silent dual monitored brakes, absolute and incremental encoders, on-board data logging … and meet the requirements of prEN17206, EN61508-SIL3 and DIN56950.
Elevation1+ removes the need for large quantities of cabling, allowing multiple motors and controllers to be run via single power and data cables. Together with customized versions of the most popular models of chain hoist – Liftket, EXE, CM Lodestar etc. – it is the most flexible and reliable variable speed ‘open system’ available on the market.
DigiHoist control offers digital communications, limit monitoring, load and position feedback and group halt functionality in a compact package.
At the heart of Libra system is the Libra shackle load cell, which incorporates the famous Crosby safety bow shackle. This inventive design means there is no loss of headroom as the load cell is built right into the shackle as a direct replacement for the renowned ‘red pin’. The Libra shackle maintains a safety factor of 5:1 up to the full rated load stamped on the side of the bow.
LibraNODE is a new device that allows third party analogue load cells to be integrated into a Kinesys Libra system, the DigiHoist controller and more. This enables a company’s existing stock of wired load cells to be used with the Kinesys control formats and load cell systems.
(Jim Evans)

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