LDI: BroadWeigh offers ‘vision for the future’
Thursday, 21 November 2019
broadweighNew offerings from Broadweigh include Bluetooth Telemetry and in-house calibration service
USA - At LDI this year, BroadWeigh will offer ‘a bold new look and new vision for the future’. This comes as the company prepares to give its award-winning Bluetooth system its US trade show debut.
BroadWeigh is collaborating with CassidyRig, one of its US product partners, with Dan Cassidy, founder and CEO responsible for the design and build of the stand - which of course will be monitored with BroadWeigh loadcells.
Speaking ahead of the show, Robert Wilmington-Badcock, MD of Mantracourt says: "BroadWeigh really came about as a result of some clever thinking by one of our employees, who happened to be a part time rigger. He saw the potential for Mantracourt to break into the entertainment technology market with our core wireless technology which, at the time, had just been released and was being rapidly adopted in the under hook industrial market. Little did we realise that our wireless load cell offering would become the success that it is today. You could say that BroadWeigh was never part of the original Mantracourt blueprint."
He continued: "However looking around in the market, it has become very clear to us that no one else is designing monitoring tools specifically for the entertainment market, or as successfully. As a company, we hold the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to bring really useful products to riggers and 2020 will mark the year that a series of bold developments will be released and continue to be developed upon.”
The timing of the rebrand co-incides with new feature releases on existing products as well as two major new offerings from BroadWeigh - its Bluetooth Telemetry and in-house calibration service.
The BroadWeigh 3.25 tonne load shackle, with integrated Bluetooth LE 4.0, provides high precision, multi-channel wireless load monitoring and sends data straight to the BroadWeigh app for easy viewing on an iOS or Android device. It requires no other accessories. BroadWeigh Bluetooth shackles are supplied pre-calibrated, ready to be viewed on the app and available in a robust case holding up to 4 shackles. The app has been designed to be intuitive so that setting up load cells and configuring projects is quick and easy.
The company launched its in-house calibration service this autumn. This is a new offering, open to all genuine BroadWeigh shackles no matter their age or hours of use.
Kelly Voysey, marketing manager for Mantracourt and BroadWeigh, adds:" We've distilled the benefits of the BroadWeigh system down to a handful of points - and at LDI our booth will be all about ‘Know More Do More’. On our show stand we want to demonstrate how load cells can give a greater understanding of what is happening on a rig. Our message is that the more accountable you can be for every rigging point that you're hanging from, the more creative and innovative you can be while ensuring a safe working environment.”
(Jim Evans)

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