Lodestars Flying With Texas
Tuesday, 16 November 1999
Adlib Audio have bought 12 one-tonne Lodestar hoists from PCM that have just made their debut flying the PA on the recent, highly-successful arena tour by Scottish band Texas.The deal was completed during PLASA 99 by Adlib's Dave Kay and PCM's John Jones. Adlib also bought two PCM's four-way motor controllers. These Lodestars join Adlib's existing stock. Dave Kay comments that they went for Lodestars because they are the industry standard and he believes they are the most reliable motor on the market.Kay completed one of PCM's Motor schools three years ago which he found very useful for learning the fundamentals of the machine. However, the motors have also proved so solid and robust that Adlib have never had occasion to dismantle or repair them. On Texas, Adlib's Lodestars were used to suspend their Martin Wavefront PA system which was engineered by Andy Dockerty at front-of-house with Marc Peers on monitors.

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