PR Lighting joins the Friendship party
Monday, 5 August 2019
caio-sonido-project-in-hd-3Lighting technicians from Caio Sonido designed the lighting rig
Argentina - PR Lighting fixtures were out in force when a group of associates and event planners known as the Burkina took over the Zarate Yacht Club on the outskirts of Buenos Aires to celebrate the country’s annual Friendship Day.
The ensuing ‘Fiesta Burkina’ saw 3,000 people revel under the lighting to the music of well-known DJs such as Mariano Trocca and Federico Prieto - part of an advanced production that was masterminded by local sound and light technology specialists, Caio Sonido.
The venue, located on the coast of the Parana River is familiar to Caio Sonido, as it is here that they produce their annual end of-year party (on 31 December) when more than 6,000 people join in the festivities. The company has been providing all infrastructure, including LED screens, staging and structural effects, to the Yacht Club for events stretching back more than 25 years.
Lighting technicians from Caio Sonido designed the lighting rig which was programmed and operated by Vieites Valentin and Cordoba Axel.
The effects included 20 PR Lighting JNR 350 BWS and16 x XR 300 Beam. The company has a huge inventory of more than 150 PR Lighting fixtures, built up over a 12-year period and in addition to the above, includes such products as Pilot 575, XR 1000, JNR Flat PAR and XLED 590 Zoom.
At the Zarate Yacht Club the JNR 350 BWS and XR 300 Beam were easy to rig as the roof has a solid infrastructure suitable for hanging all sound and lighting. The JNR 350 BWS were suspended from four rigging points, forming an H with the truss sections, onto which 14 PR JNR BWS 350 were placed over the main stage, providing perfect coverage of the entire arena. The remaining six PR JNR BWS 350 were used in a marquee, in an alternative location.
In addition, 12 linear meters of truss section were hung from the roof on which 12 XR 300 Beams were mounted. On the sides of the DJ podium the remaining four XR 300 Beams provided the perfect setting for clubbers to be completely immersed in the strobe effects created by this fixture.
(Jim Evans)

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