Strand Electric Pattern 23M debuts
Friday, 24 September 2021
strand-electric-pattern-23m-by-pacific-lighting-hk-limited-fits-in-the-palm-of-your-handThe Strand Electric Pattern 23M fits in the palm of your hand
UK - The newly launched Strand Electric Pattern 23M lantern from Pacific Lighting (HK) is a 1/3 scale replica of the original Strand Patt 23 Mk1 designed by aircraft designer, Morgan McLeod.
The fully working model has a 3W 3000K LED source and is available with a choice of telescopic stand, swivel arm wall bracket or ceiling/floor plate. The lantern can be connected to a USB phone power supply or computer, and the beam angle can be altered by moving the lens back and forward.
Hugh Chinnick, director of Pacific Lighting has spent several years researching and developing the Patt 23M (‘M’ stands for Mini) to perfect every detail of appearance and performance.
“For more than 20 years it has been my dream to produce a scale model of the Patt 23, one of the most iconic lanterns in British theatre lighting history,” he says.
“It has taken over four years of development, failures and triumphs. I have been fortunate and very grateful to have had the contribution, encouragement, and expertise of people without whom my dream would not have been realised: Mike Wood who meticulously produced the very first 3D printed working model of the lantern and kept my feet firmly on the ground, and Scott Ingham, Susan Lo and their team at Ingham Design who took on the onerous task of preparing all the necessary detailed drawings in preparation for production.”
The Pattern 23M is cast in zinc which provides a superior quality of finish while retaining excellent thermal properties as a heatsink for the LED, together with a good weight. Over time, zinc will attain a darker patina giving the lantern and accessories a ‘used’ appearance for further authenticity.
Even the box in which the Pattern 23M is packed is a replica of the original, right down to the British Rail Certificate of Compliance for Conveyance stamped on the top, as was required for rail transport at the time. The inner packing material also replicates the wood shavings used to pack the original lantern.
The Pattern 23M made its first physical appearance at the PLASA Show 2021 and proved an instant hit with lighting aficionados.

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