Russ Armentrout (president), Matt Hubbell and Douglas Peterson (owner) of Performance Lighting, with Josef Valchar, (CEO of Robe s.r.o.), Bob Schacherl (CEO of Robe Lighting Inc.) and John McDowell (sales manager Central US region Robe Lighting Inc.)
USA - Chicago-based Performance Lighting is another leading US company to recently invest in Robe - with the purchase of 30 x BMFL Spots and 12 x Pointes.

The busy design and rental facility supplies lighting to all sectors - from corporate and industrial to music festivals, concert tours, TV and theatre productions - and this year Performance celebrates its landmark 30th anniversary.

Performance Lighting's president Russ Armentrout emphasizes the fact that this is the first - but certainly won't be the last - Robe purchase.

CEO and company founder Douglas Peterson decided to invest big in BMFL after doing a light-metered shootout at his shop against well known 'competitor' products.

"In my opinion, the BMFL overwhelmed the others, and its feature set was so rich that I knew it could replace any light on any rider request, as well as be an awesome tool for my own LDs."

He added Pointes to the order for their low profile versatility, and because both Russ and Performance production manager Matt Hubbell, said that they could "kick butt" with them in marketing.

The decision was made, the order placed and the BMFL Spots were delivered and went straight into action.

They graced the main stage at the 2015 Summer Camp Festival headlined by jam band moe. and everyone raved about the lights, especially moe.'s LD Preston Hoffman, who was the first LD in the U.S to use BMFL Spots for an architectural lighting installation at Boston City Hall for the 2014 Boston Calling music festival.

Rockers Alabama Shakes utilised BMFL Spots as wash lights for a recent concert, and eight units were the major effects fixtures for a local one-off by maverick heavy metal band Judas Priest. They were also in action on a recent Pixies show, and Performance has earmarked them to illuminate the national HQ of Allstate Insurance in Northbrook Illinois, where tests showed that one side of the entire building can be covered with two BMFL Spot units.

Performance plans on designing them into R Kelly's upcoming tour and they have also been in demand as a cross rental item. "It's an absolute game-changer in the U.S." declared Russ, adding that the customer service and support from Robe Lighting Inc. in Florida has been "impeccable".

(Jim Evans)

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