The Robe LDI 2023 team (photo: Louise Stickland)
USA - Robe enjoyed the buoyance of a busy year in North America at the 2023 LDI Conference and Tradeshow inside the new West Hall at Las Vegas Convention Centre.
The Czech moving light and LED manufacturer capitalised on the confidence and positivity of the market, as well as the strategic importance of the United States, by launching three innovative products, while presenting its new live show The Power of Imagination. The show itself won the 2023 LDI Award for ‘Best Product Display’.
The Robe debuting products at LDI included the iT12 Profile, the T32 Cyc, and two new variants of the cool and successful PATT series of scenic illumination tools, the HolyPATT and the MolyPATT, all of which attracted plenty of interest.
Also showing at a USA expo for the first time were a number of recently released products launched throughout the year. These included Robe’s new iSeries of IP-rated and robustly weatherized moving lights - the iFORTE LTX, together with iESprite, iPainte, iTetra2 and iBeam 350 luminaires - all of which were incorporated in the nine-minute high energy production show.
The Robe North American team - recently expanded with the acquisition of lighting and media control manufacturer Avolites - were joined by an international team from Robe lighting s.r.o. international including CEO Josef Valchar and international sales director Ingo Dombrowski - underlining the importance of the market and the expo.
Avolites, looking forward to a new era of control solutions development ahead, were on an adjacent stand benefiting from the proximity of being next to Robe including the high footfall.
Completing the ‘Robe collection of businesses’ was architectural LED brand Anolis, which has been ‘exceedingly successful’ across this sector and the world of built environments, as well as crossover disciplines like architainment.
CEO of Robe North America, Lorienn Cochenour, commented: “We enjoyed another great show and were consistently busy seeing lots of high-quality industry professionals from multiple markets. There were many LDs, programmers, show and visual designers, and other creatives, encompassing everyone from rising stars to established, legendary professionals.”
The Power of Imagination won the LDI ‘Best Product Display’ Award for staging “a compelling theatrical experience with a show highlighting the brand's latest offerings and incorporating traditional theatrical storytelling,” stated the organisers.
The Robe team interacted with a lively international mix of visitors throughout the show. In addition to those from all over America, many entertainment professionals came from Mexico and other Latam countries, emphasising the close relationships, geographical and commercial crossovers that exist in our industry, and with the ever-popular and vibrant Latin market.
Others came from as far as Asia, the Middle East, the Far East and Australasia, with numerous Europeans all boosting the appeal of the show as a cosmopolitan networking hub, underlining the global nature and reach of the industry.
Robe CEO Josef Valchar concluded: “We experienced another great LDI which is why we decided to launch important products here, and also reinforce the hard work and success of our operation in the USA, especially over the last year, as we look forward to a busy and inspiring 2024.”

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