The Robe Frankfurt line-up: DL4F Wash, DL4S Profile, DL7S Profile, BMFL Blade, DL4X Spot and in the lower row, the Viva, Strobe and the CycBar 15
Germany - Robe goes Large at the 2015 Prolight+Sound expo in Frankfurt with an expanded booth and lots of action, showcasing 10 new products on Stands B51 and B61 in Hall 11.0.

These include the BMFL Blade - the next fixture in Robe's new signature Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire (BMFL) range, which joins the successful BMFL Spot, launched six months ago.

The latest additions to the DL range include the DL7S Profile, DL4X Spot, DL4S Profile and the DL4F Wash; there are two new versions of Robe's ParFect LED PAR fixture, a new LED batten fixture, the CycBar 15 as well as a brand new LED moving light spot fixture - VIVA.

Robe prepares to rock the LED strobe market with its innovative and powerful Strobe (pronounced stro-bay to rhyme with Robe). The Strobe from Robe brings the ultimate flash factor to any show or event!

In addition to these 10 exciting and diverse products, Robe has more surprises waiting on the stand and also in a special private demo room.

Another awesome lightshow will feature a megamix of the new products, highlighting in particular the BMFL Spot and Blade.

As you would expect from Robe, there will be a crew of knowledgeable, multi-lingual staff on hand to answer all questions and arrange demonstrations, technical support as required, together with a fantastic bar, fully stocked with superb Czech beer and the usual hospitality throughout the four days of the expo.

On the opening day of the show, Robe will have the Fed Cup Tennis Trophy on the stand. People are welcome to drop by for photo opportunities. Robe is a major sponsor of the Czech team in this year's Championship.

(Jim Evans)

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