Slovensko Ljudsko Gledalisce's technical manager, Miran Pilko, Dean Karov of MK Light Sound, Robe's Slovenian distributor and the theatre's head of lighting, Jernej Repinsek
Slovenia - The Slovensko Ljudsko Gledalisce (The Slovenian People's Theatre) in Celje, Slovenia's attractive third largest town is an active and well respected producing and receiving house that has recently invested in five of Robe's LEDWash 600 moving lights for its main 380 seater auditorium.

Celje is an important commercial and cultural centre in the Lower Styria region of Slovenia, and the theatre one of its prime creative arteries, producing around six of their own shows per year - some of which are toured nationally - and hosting between 30 and 40 visiting productions.

The LEDWash 600 purchase following their previously excellent experience with Robe ColorSpot 700s which were bought six years ago and are still going strong!

This time around they were specifically looking for energy efficient units that were easy to handle and offered the best colour mixing and a good range of proper whites. Once again the units were supplied by Robe's Slovenian distributor MK Light Sound,.

The decision to go with the LEDWash 600s was a joint one between Slovensko Ljudsko Gledalisce's head of lighting Jernej Repinsek, technical manager Miran Pilko and Andrej Hajdinjak a freelance lighting designer with whom they frequently work. This followed an in-depth assessment of the theatre's needs and several tests with the lights.

As they tour many of their shows they particularly wanted something that was ultra-portable, small, light in weight and intense in output ... and the LEDWash 600 ticked all the boxes as well as needing very little power and being cost-effective to run with no replacement bulbs, gels or other consumables.

"Some of the cities and venues we visit in Slovenia are very small and the resources are very limited. In these situations even two LEDWashes will help hugely in being able to stage the show effectively" says Repinsek.

The LEDWashes are now being used in 85% of the theatre's shows and they are delighted with the results. They bring colour, drama and dynamics to the onstage action, and the range of colour temperature whites is also extremely helpful, especially for the annual dance festival. They also make the most of different whites for the touring performances.

In addition to the main auditorium, Slovensko Ljudsko Gledalisce has a studio space that can accommodate an audience of 60 which it quite literally in the void right underneath the main stage - a creative and expedient use of real estate!

There are three people in the venue's lighting department and they use ETC Congo consoles for control.

(Jim Evans)

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