The Robe philosophy of producing ‘smaller-lighter-brighter' has been continued
Czech Republic - Robe officially launches its newest and brightest BMFL series luminaire to date - the BMFL WashBeam - today, Wednesday 27 January.

An online launch platform was chosen to reach a global audience of busy industry professionals - empowering them to participate in the experience and excitement via computers and smart-devices wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Robe's worldwide distribution network can be contacted to arrange full physical demonstrations of the BMFL WashBeam, and the fixture will be showcased at the upcoming Prolight+Sound expo in Frankfurt in April and future trade shows and exhibitions.

Delivering 300,000 Lux at 5m - BMFL WashBeam is the brightest BMFL range fixture to date.

The BMFL WashBeam joins the BMFL Spot and BMFL Blade and BMFL Wash, ensuring that Robe offers the most comprehensive range of high powered, fully optimised 1700W hybrid moving light fixtures on the market.

It features all the innovation that has made the BMFL a massive success on numerous world class shows, events and installations.

Robe has engineered all the vital power, finesse and reliability that is characteristic of the game-changing BMFL range into a new truly multi-purpose fixture which complements the 'BMFL family'.

The brand has enjoyed unprecedented success with its BMFL Spot, Blade and Wash fixtures designed for all types of live applications and installed environments.

The Robe philosophy of producing 'smaller-lighter-brighter' has also been continued with this signature range, and even with the incredible brightness - BMFL has been kept compact and streamlined.

BMFL Spots, Blades and Washes have been used worldwide on major shows and events since September 2014, including the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies; The 2015 SEA Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies in Singapore; NBC's Sunday Night Football Open sequence with Carrie Underwood; leading TV productions across Europe and Asia; at music festivals like Tomorrowland in Belgium and Glastonbury in the UK; for lighting numerous internationally acclaimed artists from David Guetta to AC/DC to The Grateful Dead; together with other high profile events like New Zealand Fashion Week and prestigious installations like London's Royal Albert Hall.

(Jim Evans)

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