Rogério ‘Carioca' Fernandez, Leonardo ‘Maça' Oliveira and Everaldo Zator from Showdesign
Brazil - Young Brazilian sertanejo rhythm singer Lucas Ferreira staged a huge show in Lençóis Paulista in the outskirts of São Paulo - his birthplace - to film his first ever DVD. The venue was in a disused warehouse in the industrial district of the city.

An eye-catching lighting scheme was created by LD Leonardo Oliveira using 50 x Robe Robin Pointes and 40 x Robe Robin LEDWash 600s.

Leonardo had full creative freedom for the shoot, and adapted his lighting ideas and style to suit a large industrial venue.

He was asked onboard as LD by musical producer Ivan Miyazato, and rental company Showdesign from São Paulo provided all the rental services, set up and support.

Three trusses above the stage were each rigged with eight Pointes and seven LEDWash 600s, and for backlight from the sides, five LEDWashes were rigged in two special left-and-right structures.

The other nine LEDWash 600s were used to provide light for the front of the stage.

On the floor each side of stage was a line formed out of six Pointes and in the middle of the upstage also on the floor was another line of eight Pointes. At the FOH position there was another line of six Pointes.

Robe's moving lights were used for dramatic lighting effects and creating different atmospheres for each song.

"Using Robe always gives me a wide range of possibilities," says Leonardo. "I always work with Robe, so every time I have the chance to specify them I feel safe because I know they are reliable and that I will always satisfy everybody's needs with Robes on the rig."

Leonardo programmed and operated lighting using a grandMA2 light. "We used timecode to trigger scenes for two reasons: first, because of the show's complexity since it had so many lighting cues; secondly, because it needed syncing with the video content," he explained.

The director of photography was Rogério "Carioca" Fernandez and, in total, 14 technicians from Showdesign worked on the project over three set-up days, one rehearsal day and one day for the record.

In addition to the grandMA2 light, an MA Command Wing was also on the network and a grandMA VPU managed all the video playback material.

(Jim Evans)

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