The Blue Martini Lounge in Brickell, Miami (photo: Louise Stickland)
USA - Blue Martini Lounge has introduced Robe's MiniMe digital fixtures to three of its South Florida locations - in Naples, Fort Lauderdale and Miami (Brickell).

The MiniMes, an innovative and different fixture in Robe's popular Robin line of LED fixtures, join a wide range of other Robe lights in the venues including Robe Scan 250 XTs and LEDForce 7 PARs along with a variety of Anolis products including recessed Anolis ArcSpot 170s.

Eventually Blue Martini would like to incorporate multiple MiniMe units at each location nationwide. The Naples location currently has four MiniMes while Fort Lauderdale has three and Miami's Brickell location has two.

The MiniMes are suspended from the ceiling and used to produce images projecting onto the dance floor. They were supplied by Griffin Automation OSF and specified by owner Tom Griffin and Blue Martini's entertainment director Charles Ibanez.

They were chosen for two specific reasons - video projection and dancefloor lighting effects. Ibanez, likes the reliability of Robe fixtures. They use the MiniMe's upload feature to facilitate the projection of special happy hour promotional videos. MiniMe's ability to project custom digital content like this is "a big plus and the LED lightsource was central to our decision to purchase" he explained.

MiniMe's were introduced to Blue Martini by Robe USA's business development manager for entertainment and leisure, David Chesal, suggested for their cutting-edge technology and numerous marketing capabilities.

"The MiniMe is a great new fixture that allows Blue Martini to update their lights whilst promoting their own product," explains Chesal.

(Jim Evans)

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