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Friday, 26 June 2020
robe-night-of-light-2020-de-robe-hq-valmez-fullsizeoutput9-pThe Hornisgrinde Tower in Baden-Württemberg (photo: Andreas Baßler)
Germany - On 22 June, over 9000 buildings, monuments, cultural sites and spaces plus other objects were illuminated in ‘emergency red’ by over 8,300 participating companies - primarily in Germany - for #NightofLight2020.
As previously reported, #NightofLight2020 was initiated and carefully planned by a team of lighting and AV professionals led by Tom Koperek from Essen-based event marketing agency LK AG to raise awareness of the critical economic plight of the live event industry in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
Moving light manufacturer Robe lighting enthusiastically supported via German subsidiary Robe DE which also assisted in supplying kit for some key locations from the current demo stock.
In addition to the many installations already independently utilising Robe products, the company’s HQ in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic, and the German office building in Munich were lit up in resplendent red to show solidarity.
It is estimated that the German events industry generates annual revenues of around 130 billion Euros and employs up to a million people - figures that dramatically increase to around 200 billion Euros with 3 million employees when including all the associated businesses.
The sector has effectively been shut down since March 10th, crowd gatherings have been banned, venues are closed, live performances are off the table, companies are shuttered, employees furloughed or laid off and hundreds of thousands of talented freelance technicians, creatives plus the entire event support infrastructure normally working in this thriving market sector is without work or business.
Robe Deutschland was involved directly in supporting four installations - including the Hornisgrinde Tower, a 206m high radio mast in Baden-Württemberg, part of the Rhine Valley located on the highest mountain in the Black Forest at an altitude of 1125 metres.
Among the multitude of lit buildings were significant monuments, like the Olympia Tower in Munich, an elegant 290m high modernist architectural masterpiece and observation / comms mast in the centre of Munich’s Olympic Park area, which was lit up like a beacon with Robe fixtures supplied by Magic Event & Medientechnik GmbH and was visible all over the Bavarian city.
The thousands of participating companies in Germany were joined by colleagues in Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK, including Clearsound Productions from Shipston-on-Stour (UK) which has led several UK-based lighting action events. On this occasion, they used four MegaPointes to light their warehouse red.
Robe Deutschland’s marketing manager Julian von den Stemmen commented: “When I first read about #NightofLight2020 on social media, there were only a few participants, and the team at Robe DE immediately committed to taking part.
“Our main goal was to help amplify the event via our substantial social media outreach and through all our direct contacts, encouraging as many as possible to participate. Our colleagues were happy to spend their downtime in assisting their various associates with supplying demo units, and also to light up our office whilst enjoying a nice evening together. “With the factory in ValMez also joining forces, we experienced a truly magical night during which the whole industry felt united.
“Night Of Light 2020 has definitely raised awareness of the role and importance of the live events industry with the public and hopefully will also influence politicians.”
In the days immediately following #NightofLight2020, organisers announced their first meetings with members of the German Federal Parliament to discuss the issues at hand.

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