Robert Juliat SpotMe certified for L-ISA
Tuesday, 14 January 2020
robe-chicago-dsc4371-photo-by-eliza-wilmot-tnRobert Juliat SpotMe 3D Tracking device installed on a Cyrano followspot
Europe - Following the release of the L-ISA Controller v2.0 software update, the Robert Juliat SpotMe 3D tracking device is now fully compatible to operate with L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology, the lighting manufacturer has announced.
L-Acoustics recently revealed the January release of a significant software update for its L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology that will enable users to monitor the positioning of any tracked object in a 3D view. With L-ISA Controller version 2.0, source parameters - including pan, width, height, distance, and elevation - can be mapped and scaled to all certified tracking systems.
In tandem with the L-ISA v1.10 update, L-Acoustics has announced that it has officially collaborated with tracking software providers whose technologies can now function within the L-ISA ecosystem, including Robert Juliat’s SpotMe tracking tool.
L-Acoustics executive director of creative technologies Guillaume Le Nost notes: “With our latest software and recent tracking system partnerships, the incredibly natural audio reproduction of L-ISA, paired with the smooth and precise real-time tracking of visual elements on stage is guaranteed to raise the Hyperreal Sound bar even further for our audiences.”
Robert Juliat managing director François Juliat adds: “We are happy with this new compatibility which brings together two of our industry’s leading, high-end brands to offer quality solutions to the market. SpotMe only requires a followspot with no extra peripheral devices and can be installed easily and quickly calibrated by the crew. While the operator focuses on his usual work, SpotMe takes care of the rest.”
Robert Juliat’s SpotMe is a manual, user-friendly 3D tracking device relying on a followspot operator. With easy and fast set-up, it is able to produce tracking information in real-time with no emitters or cameras.
SpotMe consists of a server installed between the followspot yoke and the tripod, and sensors mounted on the tripod and the followspot. The server generates high-quality positional data to communicate with any console or device using PosiStageNet positioning data output format.
PSN is easily converted to OSC in the L-ISA OSC Bridge, which makes SpotMe perfectly compatible with L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound Technology.

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