RockSound Rocks EXPO 2000 with Midas
Thursday, 18 May 2000
Hanover-based full service production company Rocksound will be providing all audio requirements for the Hanover EXPO 2000, which begins in June - catering for 153 days and nights of theatre, dance, music and cinema over 11 stages site-wide. Rocksound's head of sound Lothar Strunk said: "As it's such a long-running event that requires a huge amount of equipment both in use and as permanent spares, we've invested in a lot of new stock to maintain an appropriate inventory for the rest of our work. For example . . . we've just placed an order with Telex/EVI for an XL-4, a Heritage 3000 and four Heritage 2000s, with an option for a further two XL-4s and two Heritage 3000s." Two Heritage 2000s and two Heritage 3000s are permanently located in Hall 11, the rock and pop venue at EXPO 2000. An XL-4 will remain in permanent warehousing as an alternative board should the need arise. There will also be a further two FOH/monitor sets comprising an XL-200 and an XL-250 for use wherever they are required.

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