‘ROE Visual empowers young talents and enables them to push the boundaries’
The Netherlands - ROE Visual has teamed up with the Netherlands Film Academy to support students in pioneering a ground-breaking approach to film production. By providing an advanced LED screen solution, ROE Visual has enabled the creation of The x-project, an ultra-short graduation film that marks a significant leap in how films are produced and takes the film academy's curriculum to new heights.
The x-project, a creation of the Netherlands Film Academy graduating students, stands out for its focus on production design and visual effects. It offers a remarkable opportunity to explore animation, world-building in virtual reality, and other innovative narrative forms and technologies. This ambitious project is the first for the film academy, introducing students to cutting-edge techniques increasingly prevalent in the industry.
In a departure from traditional filmmaking, the project utilises a large LED screen rather than the traditional green screen, a method that was pioneered in The Mandalorian. This advanced LED screen, combined with In-Camera VFX (ICVFX) technology, enables the virtual world to be seamlessly integrated into the camera's view, creating an immersive and highly realistic movie reality for the entire production crew.
ROE Visual's contribution to this project includes supplying the BP2V2 LED panels, renowned for their excellence and used in many successful film productions worldwide. By partnering with the Netherlands Film Academy, ROE Visual demonstrates its commitment to fostering innovation in the film industry and supporting the next generation of filmmakers.
Emphasizing the importance of knowledge transfer, ROE Visual is eager to assist emerging filmmakers in gaining hands-on experience with virtual production technologies. By providing students with access to state-of-the-art LED screen solutions, ROE Visual empowers young talents and enables them to push the boundaries of film production.
"It was exciting to experiment with virtual production and LED technology,” says Frans-Willem Janssens, producer of The X-Project. Film has always been an industry where technology and creativity are intertwined. As up-and-coming film professionals, we had to learn about this innovation in film production and explore the creative possibilities. We are grateful that ROE Visual allowed us to make it happen."
"ROE Visual is thrilled to support the The x-project by the Netherlands Film Academy's students as they embark on a journey into the future of filmmaking," states Olaf Sperwer, business development virtual production at ROE Visual. "We believe that investing in the education and development of young filmmakers is crucial for advancing the film industry as a whole."
The x project is a final exam production that is initiated every year by the Visual Effects & Immersive Media study programme of the Film Academy. The production will premiere at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam during the Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival (summer 2024). More than 80 fourth-year students present their films to the professional field and the public during the festival.

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