The recently-introduced Rogue Outcast 1L Beam and Rogue Outcast 2X Wash
USA - With their IP65 rating, the just-introduced Rogue Outcast 1L Beam and Rogue Outcast 2X Wash are designed to operate outdoors in all weather conditions. Thanks to their innovative lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy housing, these newcomers are also suited to deliver indoors at clubs, conference centres, and live music venues.
“Coming out of the pandemic, rental houses and installers began asking for IP65 moving fixtures, because of the protection from dust and humidity they offered indoors,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “However, until now, the weight of IP65 products presented a challenge in some indoor applications.”
Anyone who picks up either of these new fixtures will quickly appreciate how well they meet this weight challenge. Both weigh-in at low numbers: 35 lbs. (16 kg) for the 1L Beam and 23 lbs. (11 kg.) for the 2X Wash, which, in addition to all their other advantages, makes them very easy to install.
When it comes to brightness, for example, the Rogue Outcast 1L Beam is a heavy hitter. It’s light weight and compact dimensions notwithstanding, it puts out 224,670 lux at 5m. Chauvet Professional’s product development team accomplished this by combining a cool white 140W LED and a 160mm font lens to maximize the fixture’s brightness.
The Rogue Outcast 1L Beam has the ability to rotate gobos, which opens opportunity to create more captivating aerial effects. It has seven rotating and static gobos on a single wheel. The fixture’s 1.4ﹾ beam angle adds another dynamic element to its aerial effects. Other features include motorised frost and electronic dimming that allows the beam to be dimmed without having its shape changed.
The Rogue Outcast 2X Wash also packs an impressive array of fixtures in a compact package. Designed to work seamlessly with existing indoor Rogue Outcast Wash units, the new fixture is powered by 19 25W Osram Ostar LEDs. This is the same light engine used in indoor versions of this wash, so complete colour consistency is maintained when they are used together.
Like its indoor-only cousin, the Rogue Outcast 2X Wash has 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer and individual colors. A creative wellspring, the fixture also offers five zones of LED control for stunning pixel mapping displays. Its complex DMX profiles open the possibility for more programming versatility, while its fast pan and tilt movements generate excitement.
“The benefits of IP65 fixtures are very attractive, which is why our R&D team has been working so hard on them,” said Chauvet. “Now with our new Rogue Outcast 1L Beam and Rogue Outcast 2X Wash, we’ve made those benefits more widely available than ever.”

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