Nordic Rentals used 72 Roxx Cluster B2 full colour blinders on the main stage
Denmark - For this year's Smukfest, the Roxx Cluster B2 FC was used on the festival's main stage as a blinder.
The mood was high at Smukfest in Skanderborg earlier this month as 40,000 guests flooded the festival grounds to experience five days of performances by international and Danish artists on the five different stages - and the odd rain shower.
Nordic Rentals, who supplied lighting for the festival's main stage, Bøgescenen, chose to use 72 Roxx Cluster B2 full colour blinders, which generated a buzz on the main stage because of the endless possibilities the fixture offers lighting designers.
The Roxx Cluster blinder made its debut last year directly on three of the biggest festival stages, the Glastonbury Festival, Rock am Ring and Rock im Park and has since found its way to many of the biggest stages in the world. The fixture has become very popular all over the world during the past year due to the many options achieved by using an LED blinder with a colour module.
The LED blinder from Roxx imitates the DWE source of a traditional tungsten blinder in every respect, but can be fully adapted to the artistic demands by switching off the ‘redshift’ while utilising variable dimming curves and fade times. Additionally, the white light version of the LED blinder offers twice the output of a traditional blinder.
At the same time, Roxx has created several completely new possibilities with the Full Colour version, making it possible to use coloured light for a blinder effect. The flexible colour mix provides an opportunity for lighting technicians, who can create special light expressions that perfectly suit the given artist on stage. The Cluster Blinder can, for example, also be used as warm light with an amber effect on the stage itself, which helps to give depth to the light expression.
Roxx Cluster B2 FC got its name from the fact that it can be assembled into clusters both horizontally and vertically. After the huge downpours at Smukfest this year, the Cluster blinders put their IP65 certification to good use.

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