Jackie Johnson, FX Works; Jon Felt, Bormann Marketing; Eric Loader, Elation Professional; Ray Ziegler, RZI Lighting
USA - RZI Lighting of New Orleans has stocked Elation lighting gear for much of its 24 years in the stage lighting business and again has added Elation products to inventory. The additions - Proteus Maximus, Proteus Smarty Hybrid, KL Panel, Fuze Profile, Paladin and Prisma Wash 100 - reflect the breadth and wide variety of stage lighting and installation projects that RZI work on.
“We continue to collaborate with Elation because they provide industry-standard lighting options at competitive prices and offer a broad product line that covers the many markets we work in,” stated Ray Ziegler, owner of RZI Lighting. “Not only do clients often request an Elation product by name, many of our Elation lights have proven so versatile that they can substitute for other gear on the spec. Our clients inevitably come back after the event and tell us that they loved them!”
The investment in new Elation gear further solidifies the company's reputation for offering the latest in entertainment technology, ensuring that its clients have access to state-of-the-art event illumination options. Both the Proteus Maximus and Proteus Smarty Hybrid have proven especially popular with RZI clients, says Ziegler. “These IP-rated powerhouse fixtures are a ‘go to’ for a lot of our movie and touring clients and because it’s always a party in New Orleans, event planners that manage massive outdoor events also love the fixtures.”
RZI’s Proteus Maximus and Fuze Profile with framing have enhanced productions such as the films The Crossover and Lisa Frankenstein, as well as The Winchesters series. The Fuze Profiles have also seen service on Mardi Gras Balls and other events. For the many events and parties held in New Orleans that incorporate black light, the Prisma Wash 100 offers a small, powerful UV option while the KL Panel, a full-colour-spectrum LED soft light ideal for studio and on-camera projects, is often requested by name.
RZI Lighting holds a large inventory of both new and used lighting, video and rigging equipment. The company’s new lighting gear joins a host of other fixtures across several other Elation product lines including SixPar, Rayzor, DARTZ, Chorus Line and Cuepix.

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