The Saville Gateshead team with their stock of KV2
UK - Over the past year Audio Visual specialists Saville Audio Visual have continued to expand the hire inventories of several of their branches with KV2 Audio products.

Having initially invested in KV2 Audio back in 2004, Saville AV have come to rely on the performance of KV2 products within the AV field. With heavy emphasis on aesthetics, detail and clarity, KV2 products match up to Saville AV's requirements for sonic excellence at a reasonable price point.

The most recent investment came from the North East office who, following a very successful year were in a position to boost their existing KV2 inventory. Having run KV2's powered EX 10's for the last 8 years, the team were looking for the same high quality output, but from a lighter cabinet due to a high-profile regular contract which requires the units to be mounted from the roof.

The solution was found with KV2 Audio's passive ESD 10. Boasting the same high quality 10" driver and 1" compression driver the ESD 10 offers the same tonality and exceptional performance without the weight of an on-board amplifier.

KV2 Audio's ESD top boxes all feature revolutionary passive delay and crossover networks that ensure balanced and phase coherent output whether used with KV2's optimized ESP amplifiers or run on 3rd party amplification.

Saville North East now boast a KV2 stock comprising of six active 2-way 6" EX 6's, eight x active 2-way 10" EX 10's and one of KV2 Audio's ES Systems along with the recently purchased six ESD 10's.

Saville's Michael Edwards comments, "Adding these ESD 10's to our hire stock means that we can offer a KV2 solution for all applications, including an increasing number of live bands alongside our regular corporate projects."

Chris Daily added, "The plug and play nature of KV2 products is highly valued by us, as is the pleasing aesthetic appearance and compact nature of the cabinets. Since initially investing in KV2 we have obtained fantastic return on our investment."

(Jim Evans)

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