Nellie Bell recording at Buckinghamshire New University
UK - Students at Buckinghamshire New University have filmed a series of videos for emerging singer, songwriter and producer, Nellie Bell, with the University's partner, Sennheiser UK. The students filmed three acoustic tracks for the singer, who is sponsored by Sennheiser UK, at its recording studios at the University's Campus in Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe.

The project was developed to help support emerging artists and give students at the University valuable industry experience, and was one of many planned to help develop employable professionals with the skills demanded for planning, managing, shooting and editing professional films. It involved audio and music production and film and television production students. Third-year audio and music production students Alexander Hamilton, Mark Hanlon, Luke Maffre, Josh Reid, and Alex Robins were also invited to help mix the tracks the day after the shoot with Nellie's producer, Marc Franks, at his West London studio.

Third-year film and television production student Adetola Teriba had the role of film and television floor manager for the project.

He said: "Working with professionals like Nellie Bell has given me an opportunity to learn from high-calibre professionals in a real life pressured environment.

"Being involved in this project allowed me to utilise my skills and prepare for the excitement and challenges of the music industry."

Speaking about her experience with the students, Nellie Bell said: "Everyone at Bucks was very professional, more so than I have experienced in the industry.

"The Bucks team made my job very easy. There was no drama, the sound and lighting was fantastic, the crew were accommodating, worked really well and made me feel very comfortable. I couldn't ask for anything else."

Phil Cummings, marketing projects manager at Sennheiser UK, said the songs would be part of an electronic press kit developed by Nellie and presented to music television channels and record labels.

(Jim Evans)

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