The Sennheiser Digital 9000
UAE - Sennheiser and Delta Sound recently collaborated to ensure the success of Drake's debut concert in the Middle East by providing him with the latest Digital 9000 wireless system which was used for all hand held microphones at the show. In addition to providing a memorable audio experience for the over 16,000 fans who attended the concert at the Dubai International Stadium on the 14th of March, 2015, the Digital 9000 managed to hugely impress both the house engineer, Demetrius Moore and the show's monitor engineer, Sean Sturge.

International superstars performing to sell out audiences have become a regular feature in the region in recent years and Delta Sound has played a lead role in supplying equipment for many of these concerts. "Having Sennheiser in the region is an absolute bonus for Delta Sound. As an extensive rental stockist of Sennheiser's RF and cabled products, it's really important for us to be able to offer a service that includes the high end systems. When Drake specified the Digital 9000 system for the Stadium show in Dubai, Sennheiser stepped up to the plate," said Al Woods, Director of Engineering for Delta Sound.

"The culmination of a 10-year R&D effort, Sennheiser's Digital 9000 is an all-digital wireless system that can transmit completely uncompressed audio, artefact-free and with superb dynamics," the company says. Designed for broadcasting professionals, musical theatres and high-profile live audio events, the Digital 9000 sets a new benchmark in digital wireless transmission. The system has been meticulously designed for the highest channel counts and operation in dense frequency environments. Infrared (IR) synchronization between receivers and transmitters greatly aids setting up of the system.

Commenting on the performance of the Digital 9000, Al Woods said, "It's not always easy with such high SPL band levels both onstage monitoring and out front PA levels. For Drake the sonic quality of the vocals were absolutely full range. With PA, one normally puts up with the inputs that are available, not knowing the weak link, mix engineer, PA set up and the signal path. On this occasion it was easy to realise how transparent it can be with a full range, digital vocal reproduction. A testament to the capsule rejection and the true reproduction of the 9000 series."

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