The 3D AARO adds controlled ambience to the monitor mix, bringing hearing-impaired musicians back on stage
USA - At NAMM 2015, Sensaphonics showcased two advanced IEM systems designed specifically for hearing-impaired musicians. 3D-ME is a Music Enhancement method for those with significant hearing loss, while the 3D-CROS addresses the more profound issue of unilateral deafness. These game-changing systems are specifically designed to keep musicians on stage and employed despite mild-to-severe hearing issues, and both are based on the patented Sensaphonics 3D Active Ambient technology platform.

"These new systems demonstrate the power of Active Ambient technology," says Sensaphonics president, Dr. Michael Santucci. "Our focus has always been on musician hearing health, something that few if any other in-ear manufacturers can claim. We deliver amazing audio, and we do it safely. The goal is to provide longer careers and better quality of life for musicians and sound engineers."

3D-ME is a Music Enhancement system designed to bring full-range, high fidelity music monitoring to hearing impaired musicians. By routing the natural ambience from the 3D AARO earphones through the system's Microphone Output function, outboard gear can now be used to precisely compensate for lost frequency response and gain via EQ, compression, and gain structure. 3D-ME is perfect for musicians who work on small stages without benefit of a dedicated monitor engineer, and can work the same magic in home listening environments.

The 3D CROS is an even more specialized system, designed for musicians with full unilateral (one-sided) hearing loss. This system brings back the "missing side of the room" by taking the ambience captured by the microphone embedded in the 3D ambient earphone, then routing it to the user's hearing ear along with the rest of the mix. The name, CROS, is a technical term meaning "Cross-lateral Routing Of Signal."

The Active Ambient technology platform, embodied in the second-generation 3D AARO system, uses embedded earphone microphones and proprietary analog electronics to add full-range, user-controlled ambience to the monitor mix with no added latency. The 3D AARO system's bodypack mixer also provides a Bass Boost switch for the overall response and a stereo Microphone Outputs port to enable further control of stage ambience.

"The new features on the 3D AARO system have really created some amazing possibilities for our customers, and 3D-ME is a great example," says Santucci. "By leveraging the 3D AARO system, we can literally bring full-range hearing back to those who need it most - musicians who have been damaged through years of loud stages and unsafe monitoring.

"Bringing music back to musicians is what we're all about," says Santucci. "Customer reaction to both the 3D-ME and 3D CROS has been phenomenal. It's almost like they are hearing music for the first time. We've had nothing but thanks and compliments from everyone who has tried it."

(Jim Evans)

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