Celebrating Singapore Day in London
UK - Serious Stages created a visually striking structure that was the focal point at Singapore Day, when 9,000 Singaporeans came together to celebrate at London's Victoria Park.

Serious Stages designed and installed a 29.8m wide temporary structure to make sure the audience enjoyed great views of the artists and speakers from all areas of the park. Working with the organisers, Serious designed and engineered the system, which allowed them to create a large structure to give the production 'a bigger bang for its buck'. This was branded uniquely to characterise the look of the event, while delivering a cost effective alternative to hiring a stage of comparable size.

This was achieved by combining one of the company's 12m Stratosphere stages, as the central performance area, with a truss header connecting flanking goalposts. These gave increased weight loading capacity for two giant screens and cantilever to fly the PA system. In addition to the usual stairs and ramps provided at the rear of stages, Serious added two stairs accessing the front of the stage in-line with the interactive nature of the Singapore Day programme.

Simon Fursman, project manager at Serious Stages said, "Our client Impressario Festivals required a lightweight staging solution that could accommodate the production equipment and maximise branding opportunities. The Stratosphere allowed sufficient height to accommodate the roof truss supporting two rows of 12 moving heads lights. The modular system created a depth of 16.2m with the stage split by a drape to create a private backstage working area."

(Jim Evans)

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