Zion & Lennox at the Moviestar Arena in Santiago
Chile - Lighting designer Deivid Rojas used a large complement of Claypaky fixtures when reggaeton stars Zion & Lennox marked their 23rd anniversary as a musical duo with a spectacular show at the Moviestar Arena in Santiago.
“We aimed to impress the audience with a massive setup where the artists would be the center of attention,” says Rojas. “We incorporated extensive LED screens and lights, including Claypaky fixtures, to achieve a striking show. Our goal was to provide the audience with the best experience while keeping the focus on the artists.”
He designed the rig with 40 Claypaky Sharpy Plus, 30 Midi-B, 27 Sharpy and eight Alpha Wash 1500 fixtures from Iluminacion Chile.
Rojas chose the Claypaky fixtures for “the vibrant colours they offer, their focus and zoom capabilities, and their speed. They stand out with their bright and vivid colours and their fast and precise movements, which sets them apart from other fixtures.”
The lighting designer positioned the fixtures on the main stage above the artists and as strips creating a kind of ring above the duo. Some fixtures were also mounted above Zion & Lennox on the more intimate B stage.
Samuel Abed Olate Sanhueza, who served as the grandMA programmer for the show, was impressed with the Claypaky fixtures’ operation and well-maintained condition. “I have had so many experiences at Movistar Arena, and this one was incredible. I liked the Midi-B’s white that was so clean and met DP Fernando Gonzalez’s requirements. The support from Claypaky, through Iluminacion Chile as the rental company, was also very good. When we tested the units to learn to perform with them comfortably we didn’t have any problems, and during the show the fixtures were excellent.”
According to Rojas, “the outcome of the event exceeded our expectations. The main stage had a powerful design, and the B stage, which brought the artists closer to the audience, was awe inspiring and created an intimate connection between the public and the performers. Thanks to the Claypaky fixtures’ performance, we achieved impressive cues throughout the event.”
Mauricio Brando is Claypaky’s area sales manager for Latin America. Juan Pablo Jimenez and Simon Manriquez are with Claypaky distributor MMT Chile. Fernando Gonzalez was the director of photography.

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