The team provides training, advice, design, product recommendations and problem solving in both Australia and New Zealand
Australia - Show Technology provides cutting edge service and support to the professional lighting industry and has been doing so for the 21 years it has been in business. Industry leading figures rely on the company's support team for major projects on concerts, tours, arena shows and installations. The team not only provides training, advice, design, product recommendations and problem solving in both Australia and New Zealand but also has a dedicated service and repair facility at the company's headquarters in Silverwater, NSW.

"Show Technology has a wonderful service department," commented Jared Hawke, managing director of Frontier Lighting, Perth. "We deal mainly with Gino Lombardi in Perth and he is absolutely the number one rep in the business. He'll go above and beyond to help, such as opening up the warehouse at the weekend when we have an emergency. And whenever we have had to email the Sydney service department, James Moore always responds very quickly and provides a great service."

"Every day we are offered more choices than ever for products, but when deciding on what brands of products to promote and stock, price is not often our decider," remarked Braham Ciddor, managing director of Lightmoves, Melbourne. "The distributor's technical ability, compliance to Australian Standards, stock holding of spare parts and desire and ability to support the products they distribute is one of the key decision makers for Lightmoves."

"We are always looking at ways of improving our service offering," says Show Technology's managing director Emmanuel Ziino. "Fortunately we have a fantastic team which is second to none and I want to always ensure they are empowered to make the right call to service our customers with the best facilities and tools at hand."

As proof of this commitment Show Technology's service department has just had a major overhaul, converting the existing service area into a state of the art facility akin to a high tech service campus you'd find in the tech industry.

A new dedicated control system featuring a computer running Martin M-PC has been installed so that fixtures can be easily and correctly tested. Eight streams of data in the room allow connection into the system no matter where you are working. A special white projection wall has been included to check fixtures and fittings for colour temperature, focus and other projection issues. Even the floor has been coated with a specialist finish and in areas fitted with antistatic matting that is both useful and soft underfoot. Larger space has been allocated to the 'triage' area, where service work is received and initially diagnosed.

The redesigned space is immediately delivering results with increased efficiency and reduced turnaround time. Coupled with a dedicated multimedia studio used for training and design, expansive showroom facility and training area the company "can now boast an unbeatable offering".

"This project was a huge undertaking as we kept working as normally as possible while the building works took place, with minimal disruptions," added Emmanuel. "I'd like to congratulate the project leader, Chris Durrant as well as Philip, Mischa, Lachlan, Adam, James and Vince on delivering a fantastic result that we are all proud of. The investment shows how serious Show Technology is about after sales support and I encourage customers to come in and check it out, we are always happy to show you around."

(Jim Evans)

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