‘Showgear’s biodegradable confetti allows revellers to celebrate with a clear conscience’
Europe - Showgear, an all-round supplier of stage essentials, expendables and accessories, has introduced its biodegradable confetti, ‘transforming celebrations into eco-conscious experiences’.
In a world where sustainability is paramount, Showgear’s new biodegradable confetti allows revellers to celebrate with a clear conscience and to elevate their events while minimising their environmental footprint.
The new biodegradable confetti proudly carries the respected TÜV OK-biodegradable SOIL certification, assuring users that it will completely decompose in the soil, leaving no lasting environmental impact. In addition, the confetti is flame retardant and meets the stringent DIN4102-1 Class B1 safety standards, ensuring that celebrations are both stunning and safe.
Made from top-quality tissue paper, Showgear’s biodegradable confetti blends contemporary aesthetics with an enduring commitment to the environment. Designed for both professional machine and hand throwing, its versatility ensures seamless integration into any event.
“With a ‘Do Not Litter’ principle endorsed by TÜV, the biodegradable confetti underscores the importance of responsible celebration,” says Showgear. “Although it’s designed to decompose naturally, Showgear encourages users to keep event spaces clean as a conscious practice.”

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