The Vulcan seen at Farnborough in 2012
UK - The organisers of what promises to be the best ever Farnborough Air Show yet which takes place on 19-20 July, have called on Showhire, one of Europe's leading public address and communications hire companies to provide the public address and communications system for the site. For this enormous project, involving literally many miles of top quality cable, Showhire turned to VDC Trading and the prestigious Van Damme range.

Showhire director Nick Chubb explained, "We specialise in the sports and corporate events market, providing services to a massive range of events throughout the UK and Europe, and have a substantial portfolio of customers across the spectrum of outdoor, indoor and corporate events. Farnborough is not only a massive flying display, the Airshow's trade expo is also the biggest outdoor exhibition in Europe. There is really no time for replacing faulty cables so we chose the most reliable product on the market which is Van Damme."

Farnborough 2014 will see centenary celebrations for WW1 and as such will grab headlines throughout the UK. As part of these celebrations, the Farnborough Airshow 2014 will celebrate 100 years of aviation history, commemorating the technological advancement in flight spurred by those first air combats in the skies over Europe.

The Farnborough Airshow 2014 will bring together classic milestones along this path starting with WW1 aircraft, WW2 classic fighter icons, the first commercial planes, introduction of the jet plane and demonstrations of technological breakthroughs throughout the decades which brings us where we are today.

The flight line of the air displays features regularly spaced speakers over a 1.7 miles stretch of runway which relay the commentary. Booster re-amplifiers along the route ensure the strength of signal to a range of PA speakers. This system is duplicated along the same length for the static aircraft displays for a run totalling 3.4 miles of Van Damme Black Series two core cable.

As well as audio systems for several enormous exhibition halls, there are 170 chalets or pavilions overlooking the course which serve as offices and hospitality suites for the exhibiting manufacturers. Each of these has a sound system to relay the commentary which can be muted but has an over-ride in case of emergency announcements. More miles requiring Black Series three core cable!

Nick Chubb concluded, "Not many people realise quite how big this show is. We started on the infrastructure in early March for a show taking place in July. That's a pretty big project!"

(Jim Evans)

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