Showsec's Steve Reynolds, Mark Logan and Julian Kumah at the Sports Personality Awards 2009
UK - Showsec provided the event security for the 2009 Sports Personality of the Year Awards in Sheffield. The company supplied its own team of UK security professionals, who ensured the safety of guests in the VIP pre-show party, securing all transport between venues and strategically placing response teams around the VIP audience.

With a live audience of 11,000 guests including some of the world's leading sporting personalities, the 2009 awards were the biggest ever staged.

Showsec is the in-house security partner of the arena and security manager Julian Kumah took on the role of head of security for the awards, supported by special projects manager Steve Reynolds and supervisor Mark Wilcock.

Kumah reports, "The multi-faceted security operation started by ensuring the safety of guests as they travelled from various preshow events into Sheffield Arena. The first arrivals were from the VIP preshow party hosted by Barbra Slater, director of sport for the BBC at the Arena Club. Guests entered the venue along the red carpet flanked with VIP security professionals, as well as numerous media camera crews and photographers.

"The second pre-awards party was taking place at a nearby venue for which the council created a dedicated walkway. We deployed stewards to ensure the safety of 1,500 guests all travelling to the venue.

"Inside the arena our staff showed guests to their seats ensuring the same high standards of service the teams are known for amongst regular visitors to the venue, whilst also being alert for any additional potential threats posed to the celebrity guests.

"The event ran very smoothly I'm delighted to say, which was a testament to everyone involved at all levels."

(Jim Evans)

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