Production Pirates created the immersive Halloween experience
Belgium - Two Halloween-themed haunted houses set up by Production Pirates drew massive crowds using light and audio products from Showtec and DAP. For the two weeks around Halloween, Bellewaerde Park in Ieper, Belgium, turned into a Halloween immersion experience, with the two main attractions being the Funerarium and Mexican Massacre.
Bellewaerde Park is both a fully-fledged animal park as well as a complete theme park with many impressive coasters and rides. For Halloween 2022, Bellewaerde offered their visitors something special. They asked Production Pirates from Herentals, Belgium, to create an immersive Halloween experience by designing two haunted houses and preparing the park for opening its doors this late in the season.
Production Pirates turned to Showtec and DAP and found the light and sound equipment they needed. To dress up the haunted houses, they used 60 Showtec Club Par 12/4 RGBW LED pars. To add to the immersive experience, they installed 50 DAP Xi-5 compact but powerful installation loudspeakers. Twelve Showtec DIM-4 dimmer packs and 12 Showtec RP-405 MKII relay packs ensured that even “old fashioned” light bulbs were controllable through DMX, to have full control over all details of the scenes.
“Creating the ambiance was not the only application we have used Showtec’s products for,” says David Stuyck of Production Pirates. “They do double duty as emergency lighting. In the haunted houses we have implemented an emergency button that stops all actions in that location and sets the light to white at 100% brightness. The advantage is that local emergencies do not impact other zones nor interrupt the enjoyment of everyone in the attraction at that moment.”
With the help of Showtec and DAP products, the attractions proved to be a massive success and caused announcements on national radio asking for the public to refrain from trying to visit the park, because it created huge traffic jams. The park even had to temporarily close its doors for newly arriving visitors.

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